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Sitex Ltd. specialise in the system design and installation of sewage treatment plants, cess pits, septic tanks and rain water harvesting systems. Over many years of delivering such projects to the private and commercial market, Sitex has built up an incredible base of knowledge and experience that enables us as a company to ensure we deliver the highest standards of design and installation, from single residential systems right up to complete commercial upgrades.


Due to our expertise and success, Sitex Ltd. has become recognised by other firms within the industry as a very strong partner to work with on such projects.


Aquatech Drainage Consultants Ltd.

Web:    www.drainageconsultants.uk.com

Email:  solutions@drainageconsultants.uk.com


Aquatech Ltd. are a drainage consultancy firm that specialise in advising solutions both residentially and commercially for waste water, water harvesting and drainage. Whether it's a system upgrade, replacement, or complete system redesign, we have been working very closely with Aquatech for many years now as one of their few trusted installers, successfully completing a large variety of projects.



EnSo International Ltd.

Web:    www.enso-international.com

Email:  info@enso-consultants.com


EnSo International Ltd. have established an enviable reputation for providing high quality wastewater treatment tanks and consultancy in the off-mains drainage industry. The EnSo team has accumulated more than 60 years’ experience within the wastewater industry and offers many specialist services including maintenance, consultancy, upgrade and refurbishment.


Sitex is one of only a few recommended installers of Enso tanks and treatment plants throughout the UK. We have worked in partnership with Enso for many years now providing an exceptionally high standard of installation and maintenance on each and every project we have completed.

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Complete New Drainge System, Arlesford                                


Entire new foul drainage system incorperating new sewage treatment plants, pump stations, rising mains and a large drainage field. A road closure and relating licences had to be required.

Sewage Treatment Plant, Crondall                                    


Replacement sewage treatment plant in poor ground with high a water table due to failure of the previous treatment plant, after an incorrect installation by another contactor.

Soakaway and French Drain, Clandon Church                        


Provision of a residential herringbone french drain and soakaway to relieve damp proplems in the west wall.

Land Drainage, Woodcote Green Nursery                            


Installation of foul drainage pump station, rising main and gravity drain to sewer connection in the main road and 370m of a surface water land drainage system.

Pumping Station, Henry Street Garden Centre              


Installation of pumping station to serve present use and future expansion of the nursery. Rising main laid 800m across clients land and main sewer connection.

Sewage Treatment Plant, Birmingham                          


Installation of a new sewage treatment plant and drainage field, along with pump station and rising main to serve a pub.

Settlement Tank, Eton                                                      


Insallation of a separation settlement tank to serve Eton kennels prior to joining the main foul sewer serving the athletics club

Sewage Treatment Plant, Staplehurst                                  


Installation of sewerage treatment plant system to serve new gospel hall and adjacent commercial units. Pumpstation installation and bore hole works carried out.

Sewage Treatment and Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Dorset      


Instilation of a new sewage treatment plant to serve a pub with gravity drain laid along the highway and through the neighbours garden to river. A rainwater harvesting tank and cesspit also installed to serve neighbour.

Wherwell Church                                                                  


Installation of sewerage treatment plant system to serve new gospel hall and adjacent commercial units. Pumpstation installation and bore hole works carried out.

Sewage Treatment Plant, Capel                                              


To supply and install and Enso Ocean 12 sewage treatment plant to serve a domestic property, including connection works and outfall into an open ditch.

Foul Mains Connection, Chalfont St. Giles                                


Obtaining road closure including diversion routes etc. and excavation across road to provide a foul mains sewer connection at the main drain.


Treatment Plant and Pump Station, Newquay                            


Adaption of an existing system to cater for increased visitors. 3 large tanks fully installed on reinforced concrete bases. Further pump station and rising main installed to serve separate area of the resort. All work carried out while holiday resort was fully operational.

Surface Water Flooding and Pump Station, Warnford                


Drainage alterations to alleviate surface water flooding and overloading of sewage treatment plant at large public house. Including installation of Edineare pump station.

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