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Working closely with Structural Engineers and other construction professionals, we have carried out projects ranging from domestic new builds and extensions through to commercial works and refurbishments that have included the installation of structural steel work, reinforced concrete framework, ground beams and foundations.

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Remedial Works, Waltham Cross                                      


Remedial works and full water prsssure cleaning and re-sanding of block paving concourse on very large carparking area of business park.

Kerbing and Road Alterations, Woodcote Green                    


Excavation for and laying of 420m of kerbing forming new road and further reworking of road layout including pedestrian path, nursery entrance, loading area and roundabout to completed tarmac finish.

Site Access Road, Orpington                                          


A new hardcore road put in to serve as site access whilst the large scale building works were being carried out. Over 1000 tonnes of crushed hardcore was used. 

Remedial Works, Stockley Park                                  


Relaying sections of blockpaving and full water pressure cleaning and re-sanding of a large carpark and concourse.

Remedial Works, West Malling                                          


Specialist weber rendering repairs, paving remedial works and full water pressure cleaning and re-sanding of large car park and concourse areas.

Block Paving, Woolwhich                                                    


Remedial works and relaying of very large areas of block paving to commercial unit entrances. Complete with re-sanding of entire area.

Excavation Works, Eton                                                    


Deep excavation using sheet piling and hydraulic ram support system to achieve a 2.4m inlet into a 3cu.m. tank.

St. Pauls Girls School                                                        


Deep flood elevation works icluding a 3.3m deep cost insitu reinforced concrete pump station, 3 further pump stations and all associated pipeworks.

Commercial Extension Steels, Weybridge                        


During the course of a domestic extension, a large steel 'picture frame' was supplied and installed to support the side of the existing dwelling. Sizeable and heavy steels were specified and installed in a very limted space using lifting equipment.

Concrete Beam Floors, Crawley                                      


Concrete beam and block floors, all 1st floor stud-fixed rib deck and pumped concrete to cast reinforced floor slab.

Foundation and Structural Works, Hascombe                            


Swimming pool excavations, deep foundations complete with reinforced ground beams. Major structural support and insertion of steel beams into existing property.

Reinforced Concrete Floor, Derby                                        


Breaking out, excavation and re-laying of reinforced concrete warehouse floor including accurate diamond floor saw cutting, maintaining alpha expansion joints and complete with new concrete power float finisf and hardener sealant.

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